Home Delivered Meals

The Home-Delivered Nutrition Services of the Lancaster County Council on Aging provides meals and related nutrition services for older individuals who are homebound. Home-delivered meals are often the first in-home service that an older adult receives, and the program is a primary access point for other home- and community-based services.

The program serves frail, homebound, or isolated individuals who are age 60 and over, and in some cases, their caregivers, spouses, and/or persons with disabilities.

Recent data from the National Survey of OAA Participants illustrates how the Home-Delivered Nutrition Programs are effectively targeting services:

  • 69% of individuals served by this program are 75 years or older
  • The average age of a participant is 79 years old
  • More than 60% of participants indicate that a home-delivered meal provides one-half or more of their total food for the day
  • 91% of participants say that home-delivered meals help them to stay in their own home
  • More than 50% of all participants live alone

This program serves much more than food. It provides a safety check, and sometimes the only opportunity for face-to-face contact or conversation that day.

98% of seniors responding to a recent satisfaction survey report that receiving home delivered meals helps them stay in their homes.

Client Feedback:

"Seeing a smiling face walk up your driveway each day is a blessing and the food is a plus!"

"These meals have kept me in my home."

"My mom receives meals and the peace of mind provided with the weekday deliveries is wonderful for families out of town!"

"Good people and good food, sounds good to me!"