About Us


Our Mission

The Mission of the Lancaster County Council on Aging  is to provide a system of coordinated and comprehensive services to enable older persons of Lancaster County to continue to maintain their independence.

Our Team

Sally Sherrin
Executive Director
E: ssherrin@lancastercoa.org
P: 803-285-6956 x23

Amber Plyler
Assistant Director in charge of Transportation
E: aplyler@lancastercoa.org
P: 803-285-6956

Sheryl Baker
Site Director
E: sbaker@lancastercoa.org
P: 803-285-6956

Kim Kennington
ASJC Site Manager (Heath Springs and Kershaw)
E: kkennington@lancastercoa.org
P: 803-273-9206 Heath Springs Monday, Wednesday and Friday
P: 803-475-8849 Kershaw Tuesday & Thursday

Julie Morgan
Indian Land Satellite Site Manager
E: Jmorgan@lancastercoa.org
P: 803-802-4653

Brigitte Humphries
E: bhumphries@lancastercoa.org
P: 803-285-6956 x 26

Bessie Allen
Transportation Clerk
E: ballen@lancastercoa.org
P: 803-285-6956 x 25

Board of Directors

Babette Sabia

Jeanette Pittman

Bobby Collins

Martha Ussery

Peggy Belk
Nick Bradick
Aaron Dunn
Gina Goss
Natalie Jackson
Catherine Johnson
Pam Johnson
Lauren Kornegay
David Marshall
Deputy Bill Murphy
Robert Rein
Mary Thompson